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Marble is mainly used for processing into various large plates. The specification plates are used as walls, floors, platforms and columns of buildings. They are also often used for commemorative materials such as monuments, towers, statues, etc. Marble can also be carved into arts and crafts. Practical works of art such as stationery, lamps, utensils, etc. The texture is soft, beautiful and solemn, and elegant in style. It is an ideal material for decorating luxury buildings and a traditional material for art carving.
The marble types commonly used in home decoration are various beige, dark brown, and large and medium white. Marble is softer than granite and fragile, but the pattern and color are beautiful, the decoration effect is good, and the price is expensive. It is a high-grade material in the decoration.
Variety of Marble Applications:

1. Monochrome marble: such as pure white marble, white snow; pure black jade, Chinese black, etc., is an important material for high-grade wall decoration and emboss decoration, also used as a variety of countertops.

2, cloud gray marble: cloud gray marble background color is gray, gray surface often has a natural cloud-like texture, with water ripples called water stone. The cloud gray marble has beautiful texture and good processing performance, and is the most used type in the facing plate.

3, color flower marble: color flower marble is a thin layer structure, after polishing, it presents a variety of colorful natural pictures. After careful selection and grinding, it can be made into marble screens made of natural textures such as landscapes, flowers, birds and insects. It is the best in marble.

There are many types of marble, the specific types of marble are different, and the price of marble is different. Consumers should pay attention to the specific types when buying, and do not say marble in general, so as to avoid being fooled.
Each piece of natural marble has a unique natural pattern and color. High-quality marble furniture will use a whole piece of stone raw materials to match the materials used in different parts. Good marble, the main part will have a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčnatural texture, and the corners will be used in the back of the chair, stigma and other parts to embellish. Inferior furniture uses scraps when preparing materials, and the surface lacks changes.
The stone for architectural decoration has two major categories of natural stone and artificial stone, and is mainly made of natural stone. It is a kind of high-grade decorative material, mainly used in engineering with high decoration grade. Artificial stone belongs to lower grade decoration material. It is only used in medium and low-grade interior decoration projects.
According to the basic color of the polished surface, the marble produced in China can be divided into seven series of white, yellow, green, gray, red, coffee and black. Each series can be divided into several sub-categories according to the color and pattern characteristics of its polished surface, such as: white marble, rosin yellow, Dandong green, Hangzhou ash and so on. The pattern of the marble and the thickness of the crystal grain are ever-changing, and there are landscape type, cloud type, pattern type (thread, willow, image, paleontology, etc.), snowflake type and the like. Modern buildings are colorful and constantly changing. Therefore, the decorative marble is also required to be multi-variety and multi-colored, and can be used in different parts of the building. Generally, the color of the monochromatic marble is uniform; the color of the marble requires a pattern, and the depth of the pattern is gradually transitioned; the pattern type marble requires a clear pattern, a clear color, and a strong regular pattern. In short, the color is beautiful, it is convenient for large-area splicing and decoration, and it is better to supply the same color in batches.
China's marble mineral resources are extremely rich, with large reserves and varieties, and the total reserves are among the highest in the world. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 400 varieties of domestic marbles, of which the following are some of the most expensive varieties.
Pure white marble types include: Beijing Fangshan Hanbaiyu; Anhui Huaining and Guichi white marble; Hebei Quyang and Wuyuan white marble; Sichuan Baoxing white jade; Jiangsu white marble; Yunnan Dali Cangshan white marble; Shandong Pingdu and Qixian Snow White and so on.
The types of pure black marble are: Guilin Black in Guilin, Guangxi; Black Marble in Shaoyang, Hunan; Moss in Jinshan, Shandong; Jinyun in Henan; Black in the Anhui; Lishuihong in Hebei Lishui and Qipinghong in Luanping; northeast red in Tieling, Liaoning; gray: Hangzhou ash in Hangzhou, Zhejiang; cloud ash in Dali, Yunnan; yellow: Henan chuanchuan rosin yellow, rosin Jade and beige; Sichuan Baoxing yellow line jade and so on.
The types of green marble are: Dandong Green in Dandong, Liaoning; Laiyang Green in Laiyang, Shandong; and Ocean Wave in Qixia; Blue Wave in Anhui Huaining; Colors: Spring, Autumn, and Ink in Yunnan; Snow Night Plum in Zhejiang Wait.
The types of blue marble are: Blue and white jade of Sichuan Baoxing.

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